1Restaurant RowCARIBBEAN BITES 04:00 PMGardens
2Artisan Shopping VillageTO BE ANNOUNCED 04:00 PMGardens
3Culinary MuseumCULTURAL ELEMENTS 04:00 PMRoom B
4Culinary TheaterCULTURAL ELEMENTS 05:00 PMRoom A
6Live DJsNICKYMIX , RICHIE D 04:00 PMMain Stage
7The Taste the Islands PavilionCARIBBEAN BITES 04:00 PMGardens
8Drinks & More DrinksOpen Bar 04:00 PMGardens

About the Activities

Restaurant Row

Restaurant Row includes a lineup of South Florida’s authentic Caribbean restaurants, offering bites of traditional favorites, and Fort Lauderdale restaurants sampling their takes on gourmet, Caribbean-inspired fare.

The Taste the Islands Pavilion

The Taste the Islands Pavilion includes our own curated selection of gourmet bites, including recipes from the TV show, and offerings by chefs from around the Caribbean. A cornucopia of island cuisine is served buffet-style, and includes options for everyone from vegetarians, to carnivores, and dessert lovers.

Culinary Museum

Within the walls of our Culinary Museum, you’ll learn about the history of foods from different island cultures, as well as how food played a part in changing the course of history for several of the Caribbean’s populations. You’ll see artifacts from around the region and learn about their cultural relevance.

Culinary Theater

Imagine enjoying a warm sip of Soup Joumou while a costumed actor tells the story of its place in the Haitian Independence story, or savoring a bite of spicy jerk chicken while learning how this flavorful seasoning preserved meats for the escaped slaves in the hills of Jamaica.

The Culinary Theater takes learning about Caribbean food to a more experiential place. Players will share a dramatic history of various islands and how food played a part in their cultural evolution, culminating in a perspective on our shared culinary traditions. While you learn about the history of our cuisine in an immersive setting, you’ll also sample the foods that you are learning about.

There is no extra charge for these 30-minute sessions, but seating is limited, so you will have to MAKE RESERVATIONS for predetermined time slots.

Cooking & Mixology Demos

On the Main Stage, our featured chefs from South Florida and across the islands will present cooking demos representing various island cuisines. You’ll also enjoy some fancy mixology demos where the choreography is just as intriguing as the mix of flavored libations.

Live DJs

On the Main Stage throughout the day, between the cooking and mixology demos, enjoy the music of some of the Caribbean community’s premiere DJs. They’ll be playing reggae, salsa, zouk, soca, dancehall, reggaeton, tropical house and more.

Rum Bar, Cocktail Room, Coffee Shop

Enjoy a selection of Caribbean rums, beers, mixed drinks (and mixology demos) as well as traditional wines, champagne and liqueurs. Also sample a selection of coffees from around the region.

Other Unique Features

These include freshly cut coconut and sugarcane, steel band, Carnival dancers, Junkanoo dancers, a Caribbean dessert bar, coffee bar and tropical juice bar, artisan shopping village, island inspired fashions and more.